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by DSI Staff | Published 4/22/2009
Systems Engineering
STAGE is a turn-key engineering solution for System Health Management and Support, providing simulation-based assessments of the combined effects of different approaches to Design, Test, Diagnostics, Prognostics, Maintenance and Support. No other tool provides comparable support for diagnostic engineering trade studies.
by DSI Staff | Published 4/20/2009
Many in industry are beginning to admit that calculating Return on Investment (ROI) for PHM (Prognostics Health Management) is not as straight forward as some may suggest.
by DSI Staff | Published 4/20/2009
Technical and economic accountability and responsibility for PHM (Prognostic Health Management) at the Integrated Systems level has yet to be the primary concern for DoD funded PHM activities. Apparently, the appeal of exotic new technologies, specifically, PHM, has blurred the vision away from this Integrated System’s attachment to the real world. Instead, we are blissfully distracted with the hope and luster of escaping into the promise of brilliance at the lowest levels of design at any expense.
by DSI Staff | Published 6/25/2008
The concept of Design for Testability was originally pioneered by Ralph De Paul, Jr. in the mid 1960’s based on diagnostic ideas that he had first conceived during the 1950’s.
by DSI Staff | Published 3/22/2007
Systems Engineering
Although eXpress analyses can be used to assess the diagnostic capability of a fixed system design, eXpress really comes into its own when the results are used to improve a design’s diagnostic capability. Unlike spreadsheet-based approaches, eXpress has been specifically designed to facilitate both early and iterative analysis; in fact, it can be effectively employed throughout the product development cycle, beginning in the earliest phases of system design. The value of this early design feedback cannot be over-estimated.
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